Award Recipients

The top departmental honors theses in the College of Natural Science and Mathematics at the University of Central Arkansas are decided upon by a committee of faculty within each department. Summer Research Stipends are evaluated by a ad-hoc committee of faculty formed by the CNSM dean's office. All awards were sponsored by The Advancement of Undergraduate Research in the Sciences Endowment.


Undergraduate Thesis Awards: ($100)

Biology - Ericka Vogel for the thesis entitled, "FtsZ Homolog, FszB’s Role in Dictyostelium discoideum Mitochondrial Dynamics" with Dr. Kari Naylor.

Chemistry - Hayley Heacox for the thesis entitled, "Changes in Mechanical and Chemical Properties of Rate Bones Exposed to Simulated Microgravity and Cosmic Radiation" with Dr. Rahul Mehta.

Computer Science - No Applicant.

Geography - Mackenzie Goff for her thesis entitled, "The History of Christianity in Japan" with Dr. Jeff Allender.

Physics & Astronomy - Brandon Miller for the thesis entitled, "A Geometric Approach to Determining Conservation Laws for Waves on a String" with Dr. Balraj Menon.

Mathematics - Andrew Jensen for the thesis entitled, "Comparing Efficiency of Roundabouts to Traffic Lights in Conway, Arkansas: A Probabilistic and Simulation Approach" with Dr. George Bratton.

Summer Research Stipends: ($5000)

Biology - Frank Griffin with a project entitled "Comparative genomics and host specificity of the Paraburkholderia bacterial symbionts of the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum" working with Dr Tamara Haselkorn in the Biology Department.

Chemistry - Rachel Senn with a project entitled "Synthesis of Multi-Modal Drugs Toward Treatment of Chagas Disease" working with Dr. Gregory Naumiec in the Chemistry Department.


Undergraduate Thesis Awards: ($100)

Biology - Johnathan A. Martindale for the thesis entitled, "E-cadherin expression in prostate cancer cells is modulated by adhesion status" with Dr. Calin O. Marian.

Chemistry - Clement Mugenzi for the thesis entitled, "Synthesis and Characterization of Coordination Polymers Supported by Pyridylamide Ligands" with Dr. Lei Yang.

Computer Science - No Applicant.

Geography - No Applicant

Physics & Astronomy - No applicant

Mathematics - No applicant

Summer Research Stipends: ($5000)

Biology - Natasha Ledger for the project entitled, "Using Comparative Genomics to Study the Formation of Nodule-like Structures in Grasses" with Dr. Arjit Mukherjee.

Computer Science - Aditya Dendukuri for the project entitled, "Real Time Fluid Dynamics in Artroscopy Surgery Simulation" with Dr. Tansel Halic.


Undergraduate Thesis Awards: ($100)

Biology - Michelle Ellington-Burns for the thesis entitled, "The influence of ammonium polyphosphate fertilizer on the metal-glyphosate complexation activity of Roundup" with Dr. Laurie Warren.

Chemistry - Sergio Perez Bakovic for the thesis entitled, "Unprotected Treasure, Buried Secret:  UPLC-TQMS Analysis of Fatty Acids in Ancient Pictographs" with Dr. Karen Steelman.

Computer Science - Bryce Nicholson for the thesis entitled, "Label Noise Correction Methods in Crowdsourcing" with Dr. Victor Sheng.

Geography - No Applicant

Physics & Astronomy - No applicant

Mathematics - No applicant

Summer Research Stipends: ($4000)

Biology - Charles Deckard for the project entitled, "The Effect of Plasma Estrogen on the Biophysical Properties of Bone Using Ovariectomized Mice" with Dr. Brent Hill.

Chemistry - Sam Petty for the project entitled, "Plasma Oxidation and Radiocarbon Dating of Rock Painting from the Orkney Islands" with Dr. Karen Steelman.


Undergraduate Thesis Awards: ($100)

Biology - Madalyn Van Valkenburg for the thesis entitled, "Histology of ecology: How do caterpillars of Theroa zethus (Notodontidae) deactivate host defenses?" with Dr. David Dussord.

Chemistry - Aaron Owen for the thesis entitled. "Synthesis and Application of Metallic Nanostructures: Surface Chemistry and Its Impact on Biologically Important Systems" with Dr. Don Perry.

Computer Science - Clifford Tawiah for the thesis entitled, "Empirical Comparison of Multi-Label Classification Algorithms" with Dr. Shengli Victor Sheng.

Mathematics - No Applicant

Physics & Astronomy - Aaron Johnson for the thesis entitled, "Symmetries and Conservation Laws in Classical Field Theories" with Dr. Balraj Menon.

Summer Research Stipends: ($4,000)

Biology - Hannah Posey for the project entitled, "Comparison of hormone-induced nodule-like structures in cereal roots" with Dr. Arjit Mukherjee.

Biology - Brittanie Kling for the project entitled, "Assembly and Comparative Study of Chloroplast Genomes in Plants: Bioinformatic Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Data," with Dr. Richard Noyes.


No Applicants.


Undergraduate Thesis Awards: ($100)

Biology - Wilson Alobuia for the thesis entitled, “Axon Degeneration is key Component of Neuronal Death in Amyloid-beta Toxicity” with Dr. Bhupinder Vohra.

Chemistry - Tsung Yen Chen for the thesis entitled, “Influence of Silver and Gold Nanostructures on Adsorption Characteristics of Organic Molecules” with Dr. Don Perry.

Computer Science -  Cody Hudson for the thesis entitled, “Predicting Protein 3D Structure via the Adaptively-Branching Fuzzy Greedy K-Means Decision Forest Model” with Dr. Bernard Chen.

Mathematics - No award given.

Physics & Astronomy - Niravkumar Patel for the thesis entitled, “Elemental and Strength Analysis of the Bones Introduced to Simulated Microgravity” with Dr. Rahul Mehta.


Undergraduate Thesis Awards: ($100)

Biology - No award given.

Chemistry - No award given.

Computer Science - Jason Barnes for the thesis entitled, “Optimal Phase Ordering of Traffic Signals toreduce Stopped Delay” with faculty mentor Dr. Vamsi Paruchuri.

Mathematics - No award given.

Physics & Astronomy - Asami Nishikawa for the thesis entitled, “Aeroacoustic Source Strength Measurement ofa Helmholtz Resonator” with Dr. William Slaton.